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Skin Care Do's and Don't's Vol.2

Our skin is...complex...to say the LEAST! There is a lot to know about it, a lot to learn, and a lot to bear in mind in terms of practices and regimens to ensure its optimal health. For that reason, today we bring you another breakdown of skin care DO's and DON'T's to help you help your skin to the best of your abilities. Let's get into it!

Exfoliation - DO

Exfoliation is good for your skin, simple as that. For that reason, the first DO on our list is straightforward, DO be sure to exfoliate. The amount of bacteria, dirt, and grime that can end up clogged up in our pores is staggering! To give your skin the specific attention to release it of all of this debris will be good for your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed!

Exfoliation - DON'T

There is a saying, 'all good things in moderation'. The same could be said for exfoliation. While it is a good practice that you should do, DON'T over exfoliate. While redness and skin irritation could be tell tale signs of many skin afflictions, if could also be a sign that you are over exfoliating. So be sure to remain mindful of your regimen and rework it some if you're finding you're doing this too often.

Skin Care Products - DO

The DO for this piece is quite straight-forward, DO have a skin care routine. If you're managing aspects of your overall health well, such as diet and exercise, that means that you most likely have a set routine that you cling to religiously. Apply that same vigor to your skin care routine as well, it will leave your skin feeling its best and do wonders for your overall wellbeing!

Skin Care Products - DON'T

This should be a no-brainer, but people oftentimes overlook it; DON'T use skin care products with harmful chemicals! Your skin is tough, this much is certain, but that doesn't mean you should intentional put down a beating on your skin. That's essentially what you're doing when you rely on harmful chemical-laden products! Conduct thorough research on the ingredients in your regimen and use those that are most trustworthy.

Dryness and Oiliness - DO & DON'T

We all have different skin types, but two that are especially prevalent are dry skin and oily skin. The way to approach these skin types is not so black and white as some of the aforementioned DO's and DON'T's.

In this approach, think of skin care practices similar to that of the dial on the thermostat at home. If it's too cold, you turn the dial to warmer temps, and the opposite for if it's too warm. If your skin is proving oily, continue using moisturizer, but consider using it more conservatively and in addition to products that specifically combat oiliness. For dryer skin, be sure to utilize moisturizing products and hydrating products a little more liberally.


To conclude, in addition to being a part of our bodies, our skin is a living breathing organism of its own with its own host of considerations. To optimize skin health is to optimize knowledge of skin and skin care practices, and that's where Derma-Nu is here to help, always! To find the best in skin care and skin care practices, head to Derma-Nu.com today!