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angela charcon

"I founded Derma-nu Skin Remedies after  searching for many years for a line of skin care products that were truly natural and effective. I had suffered from a bad case of adult acne for over 6 years after the birth of my second son. I went through the frustration of trying many products and seeing many Doctors to try and get something that would reduce the breakouts on my face. The embarrassment of going out in public with my skin looking the way it did caused me to spend hours putting makeup on trying to cover it up, which seemed to only make it worse.

In 2003 I decided to formulate my own line of skincare products that were without the chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and other ingredients that would tend to cause my skin to breakout and look bad. I started working with several chemists and formulators and learned the process of skincare manufacturing.

Today I am happy to offer my customers a line of Skincare Products that are created with the highest quality and most innovative Certified Organic and Natural Ingredients, that are effective and affordable. I want to help others to have healthy and radiant skin and I believe this helps a person to feel better about themselves. I truly believe everyone deserves this."