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Benefits of Tea Tree

Transparency is a big deal when it comes to your skin care. With regards to the products you're using, you not only want your skin to be clear, but you also wants the facts of what you're applying on your skin to be just as clear. For that reason, today we'll dive into Tea Tree oil, another popular ingredient used in Derma-Nu products, to help you become better acquainted with your skin care!

So, what does Tea Tree oil have to offer us, exactly?

Hand Sanitizer

Our hands do a lot for our skin. From exfoliating, to cleansing, to applying and removing makeup, and more. However, they also can be our biggest enemy when it comes to the spread of germs, bacteria, and oils. To have a trusted hand sanitizer will do your skin a lot of good! Tea Tree serve as a natural hand or skin sanitizer, so if you're looking for something to always ensure your skin is clean to the touch, this ingredient is a must!


We have all suffered from acne at one point or another. And heck, we'll probably suffer from it again in the future, let's be honest! When those pesky pimples and bothersome blemishes arise, you're going to want to have the right ingredients in your skin care products to help stop those zits in their tracks! Tea Tree contains properties that are known to reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation, and are a solid go-to when you need to get your acne under control.

Aids wound healing

Everybody at least tries to take care of their skin to the best of their abilities, but sometimes the active parts of our lives just happen to get in the way. We hit the gym harder, the trail, or the courts harder than expected, and our bodies sometimes pay for it with the occasional scratch, scrape, or scar. Having a fast acting reliever when this happens is good to have in your skin care arsenal. If you've been banged up and need an effective wound healer, Tea Tree Oil fits the bill!


Fungus is something most of us don't want to talk about, but will most likely face at some point. So why not also talk about ways to combat this issue? Tea Tree Oil has the properties necessary to stop the growth of various fungi and reverse it, to treat you once and for all! When you're dealing with athlete's foot, warts, or other fungal issues, Tea Tree Oil is the way to go!


In conclusion, Tea Tree Oil is a very powerful and versatile ingredient to say the least! For countless skin ailments, you can rest assured that this ingredient alone will pack a massive punch in resolving those issues at hand. To find Tea Tree products to add to your skin care regiment, look no further than Derma-Nu!