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Spring Time Skin Afflictions

Every single time of the year brings it joys! The winter brings the beautiful snow, the summer brings the warm sun for all to enjoy, autumn brings the colors that take our breath away, and spring brings the dawning of new life in nature!

While all seasons have their obvious upsides, there are ailments that will have to be dealt with, especially in regard to your skin. Let's talk about some issues you'll face come spring, and how to address them!

Insect Bites

As soon as the cold and snow subside, and we toss away our jackets for good for the season, the bugs come knocking'… and ambition'! Insect bites are going to be a regular thing to combat in the seasons to come, and this is particularly the case during spring. When bugs bite, our skin produces histamine, causing it to swell, become inflamed, and redden up. To reduce some of the redness that will take place, apply a product with anti-inflammatory properties to relieve some of those gnawing, nagging bug bites that are buggin' the heck out of you!

Contact Dermatitis

When the sun comes out at the start of the season, what's the first thing we all want to do? We want to get outside! We want to run around, be active, and get out in nature. But sometimes, during our first times back out, our exposure to grasses, pollen, and more can leave our skin red, itchy, irritation, and extremely uncomfortable! To have a skin-soothing option at the ready for such an occasion will do your skin a lot of good. Spring into action and combat contact dermatitis, so you can get back to enjoying the fair weather!

Sun Exposure

It's a feeling to get out after a long winter, deprived of that oh so special vitamin D, and get a sun soak in during a walk, jog, or whatever other outdoor activity you have on the spring agenda. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the excitement of getting back outside that we lose track of time, and before we know it, we're baked like a caked, sun burnt to the bone! While the activities are fun… this certainly is NOT! To help put the burning sensation to rest, aloe very is your absolute best friend in the entire world! Grab a soothing aloe vera cream to have in your arsenal for such an occasion this spring!


Spring has now sprung, and we're all too excited about this change of seasons! While it's normal and right to be excited about this change, we have to be prepared to combat whatever skin ailment may come our way as a product of it. To find all the best skin care products to tackle any and all times of year, look no further than Derma-Nu!