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New Year, New Habits for Your Skin!

A new year represents a new opportunity to start from scratch. New habits, new potential to improve ourselves, our lifestyles, and most importantly of all, our health. To make 2020 truly stellar, aim to achieve stellar-level skin health as well! While there are apparent ways to nail this, there are also some not-so-apparent habits you could adopt this new year for better skin all year round! Let's talk about some of these habit adjustments.


With the new year comes the awesome opportunity to start fresh! One great implementation as you begin anew is to incorporate additional exercise into your daily regimen. Not only will this be good for your health at large, but it will also do you skin a lot of good. When you exercise, you increase blood flow, with helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, including your skin. Furthermore, when you exercise, you sweat, which aids in excreting impurities, dirt, grime, and more, leaving your skin clearer. So whether it's getting a run in, or hitting the weights, look to exercise to give your skin a boost!

Healthy Diet

We've said it before on this blog, but we'll say it again... and again... and again, if we have to. A healthy diet is key to healthy skin. What you put into your body will show on the outside. For that reason, as we enter the new year, consider ways that update your nutrition. Think about how you can add more fruits and veggies into what you're eating daily.  And take stock of the things you're eating, what could be less-than-ideal, and cut back on those things that wreak havoc on your skin. 

Reduce Stress


When it comes to the health of your skin, it doesn't just stop at what you put into your body having an effect. It's also a matter of how you feel on the inside. We're talking about stress! Whether it's work that's got you grinding too hard or other responsibilities all together, find a way to manage the internal stress that those external factors place on you. Come up with things that you do for you each day, reading, listening to music, or anything else, to put your mind at peace, and do your skin a favor!

Substitute Coffee with Green Tea

Okay, we all need that jolt of energy at the beginning of the day, so we won't take that from you. What we will do, however, is suggest substituting the sweet nectar of life, coffee, with green tea to promote good skin health. While coffee has its benefits, green tea is a heavy hitter on the good, healthy stuff. Boasting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, anti-aging components, and more, green tea has no shortage of good offerings to boost your skin's look and feel going into the new year. So give this switch a try!

Get on Top of a Skincare Routine

While there are tons of new habits you can adopt that have an added bonus of improving skin health, it's good to also adopt habits that address the matter at the source: your skin itself! For that reason, one final habit you should incorporate in 2020 is to make it a priority to get on top of your skin health, create a routine, and watch you skin achieve new levels of health, clarity, and vibrancy! To get started on creating your perfect skincare regimen with all the best products, look no further than Derma-Nu!