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Helping Your Skin Brace the Cold

We're really in the thick of it now, the cold-weather season. BRRRRR! How are you holding up so far? Dry skin? Irritation? Itchiness galore? While you may be experiencing this now, there are ways to combat it and put it to rest for good this season. Let's talk about some ways to get past the effects of the cold weather on your skin, and get back to feeling epidermal relief!


This is a simple move that, quite frankly, you should be implementing all year round. But this time of year, you especially can not afford to go without a moisturizer. Between dry air and cold temperatures, the elements will reap absolutely havoc on your skin, and you need a line of defense. Every day, be sure to devote some time and attention to moisturizing up, to ensure your skin can brace the cold all winter long. 


Wait, what? We're talking about the winter right now. Aren't we? That's right, we're talking winter! While the sun may not be brutally pounding down from above in the same fashion as during the summer months, that doesn't mean that you're not still receiving the affects of the sun on your skin. Even when it's cloudy out, UV rays are able to find their way through the overcast coverage. And even if you cover up from above, the sheer white snow below acts as a reflectant of those rays back at you. So put your old notions of the sun being harmless during winter to rest, and reach for something with some SPF to it!

Consider a Humidifier

Implementing a humidifier could benefit you in a couple different ways over the winter months. For one, it could serve as a supplement to the aforementioned moisturizer, providing ample moisture to ensure that you skin is not left dry and brittle. Furthermore, think about this: your skin health is effected by your overall health, which is effected by your surroundings. Most people who get sick over the winter find themselves in that position based on having to be inside for more hours of the day, where more opportunities to contract germs and sickness come into play. By having a humidifier, you can combat some of the airborne pests that could get you sick, helping your overall health, as well as your skin health!

Lukewarm Showers

A common theme that you will find throughout the winter months with corresponding solutions, is that of dry skin. For that reason, this line item is no different. Taking hot showers, any time of year, is a recipe for dry skin, and the case is amplified when this is done during the winter months. So turn to lukewarm water to once again alleviate any instances of dry skin. Additionally, taking a lukewarm shower as opposed to a hot shower, equating to a cooler shower, will leave you feeling warmer when you exit the shower. When you take a hot shower, your body goes into cool-down mode naturally, and this isn't something you necessarily want in the colder months, so a lukewarm shower will address this. 

Shave Less

The act of shaving causes irritation. This only contributes to the problems that have been outlined up to this point. Shaving less will provide a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. Furthermore, oils from hair on your face will help keep the skin less dry, so win-win!


In conclusion, the winter months can be brutal on your skin! To have methods in mind to combat not only the elements, but your skin's reaction to the elements will do you skin a lot of good in turn. Give some of these methods a shot this winter, and remember to turn to the pros at Derma-Nu for all of your skin remedy needs!