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Causes of Acne

Our skin is all very different. We have varying skin types. Different triggers for skin sensitivity. Different needs for our skin in general. However, there is one skin ailment in particular that we are are bound to have faced at some point or another: Acne.

Whether it was just a problem faced in our teenage years or something that continues to rear it's unwelcome head from time to time, we all know the burden of acne on our skin, and we want to prevent it at all costs. But in order to know that, we must first know the causes of this issue. Let's dive into that now!

Superficial Causes

As humans, we sweat... a lot! We sweat when we're we're getting that heavy run in at the crack of dawn, we sweat when we're pushing to meet that deadline, heck, we even sweat when we sleep! All of this equates to more opportunities for dirt and oils to build up, bacteria to get trapped in our pores, and acne to ensue as a result. In order to combat this bringer of the blemishes, a good hygienic routine with powerful yet gentle skincare additions to that routine will serve you well! 

Getting acne, however you do, is bad enough. But one thing we all often do when we get a zit or pimple is either not helping the situation or making it worse: face touching. When we do this, we're only fueling the fire of the issues, adding more dirt, bacteria, and oil to our skin, in addition to irritating the already sensitive skin of our acne. With a lot of issues in life, we like to be hands-on, but with acne, it can sometimes render best results to remain hands-OFF!

Hormonal Causes

We've said it before and we'll say it again, your mental state can play a massive role in the state of your skin's health. For that reason exactly, the stress, anxiety, and cognitive state of unease can be reflected on your skin. When you are stressed, your hormones related to stress, such as cortisol, are sent into hyperactive mode. This, in turn, causes an overproduction to occur within the oil glands of your skin. Mix that with external bacteria that makes its way to your skin, and you've got a recipe for acne. While it can be hard at times to manage stress levels, being able to strike a balance to achieve this will work wonders for that beautiful skin of yours!

Genetic Causes

Everybody's skin is different and unique. But sometimes attributes of skin type or skin tendencies can be passed down along the family tree from generation to generation. These cards could hold either clear, vibrant, acne-free skin, or they could hold skin conditions that make for increased blemishes and breakouts. When you're dealt the hand of increased acne potential, start by loving and embracing your skin, because as previously mentioned, stressing it will only self-fulfill that prophecy. Instead find peace in your skin, and work towards a skincare routine that will complement your skin type and address its need specifically.


In conclusion, while our skin is all different person to person, almost all of us face the same issue that is acne. Whether it be from superficial causes, hormonal, or genetic, the one thing for certain is that it can be far from a good time when it strikes. Knowing how to identify the causes of this issue and determining how to best address it will do you a lot of good in managing acne and keeping it at bay. To find all of the best skincare to do exactly that, look to the pros at Derma-Nu!