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Skincare Stocking Stuffers

T'is the season! That time of year has come once again when we get to gather closely with those nearest and dearest to us, showing our love and appreciation and showering each other with gifts in celebration. So what are you going to get for your loved ones this year? Derma-Nu has got some great stocking stuffer ideas in mind that will leave your friends and family glowing with cheer and clear skin!

No Crack Hand Cream

There's something about the season, the cold, snowy conditions, that leave us feeling a certain way on the inside, warm and fuzzy. However, we tend to feel something entirely different on the outside, something far less comforting, dry skin. Chapping, cracking, itchy hands comes with the territory of the colder, dryer holiday season. But that doesn't mean that any of us have to live with it. A hand cream with Cocoa & Shea Butter, vitamin E, C & B5 will prove to have all the necessary ingredients to combat exactly that, so get your hands on one that will give your hands' relief!

Facial Exfoliation

Being warm and cozy during the holiday season is key! And that means layers, layers, and more layers, especially on your vulnerable face with scarves, long turtle-necks, and even the ski masks if you're hitting the slopes. With that much coverage on your face, it means working overtime to combat dead skin buildup, trapped bacteria, and more. For that reason, a good exfoliator will do you some real good. For your loved ones this year, look for a facial scrub that will remove blackheads and dead skin and treat acne, and if it had notes of season fruits like cranberry and blueberry, that's certainly a plus!

Beard Oil & Conditioner

While we're talking about faces and the layers on those faces, let's talk about a natural layer… beards! During the winter, you can't turn a corner without seeing gentlemen boasting full faces of hair in an effort to fight the cold. But while these shields are great for fighting the cold, they can leave your face feeling utterly itchy and unpleasant, especially in the dry air. Any man in your life will be happy to be gifted a good beard oil and conditioner to leave their face feeling fresh and ready to brace the cold!

 Nourishing Body Butter

Your hands and feet aren't the only parts of you that will be taking a beating during the colder months. Your entire body has the potential to succumb to dryness, irritation, and inflammation from the layers you are encasing yourself in, the dry air, or the cold itself. If you're going to have to brace these elements for an entire season, you want to do so in a way that doesn't leave you itching and irritated, but left, instead, comfortable in your own skin all winter long! The best way to achieve this is with a full body moisturizing butter with ingredients that are good for your skin. Gift this to your family and friends, and they'll be merry all season!

Dead Sea Bath Salt 

Whether we do it in an effort to relax after a heavy day of skiing or sledding, do it simply to find a sense of warmth during the colder winter months, or do it to help sooth some potential stresses that can coexist with the hectic season, a hot bath always sounds like a good idea this time of year! Give your loved ones the gift of the highest quality bath they can get, that will sooth their soul as well as their skin, with a bath addition comprised of real Dead Sea salt, chock-full of rich minerals that will leave them feeling rejuvenated. They'll be happy to see this one in their stocking this year, that much is for sure!


In conclusion, the gift-giving season is here, and it's the perfect time to show your loved ones your appreciation! What better way to do that than by gifting them things that will make winter a breeze for them. Consider these stocking stuff for your friends and family, or find more ideas by visiting Derma-Nu today!