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Skin Care Do's and Don't's Vol.1

Your skin is tough and capable of taking whatever impact comes its way. But that's not to say you should totally abuse your skin! If anything, it's saying your skin takes care of you, so take care of YOUR SKIN!

In the pursuit of achieving optimal skin care, there are tons of considerations, and it can become complex and complicated to know exactly what to do to best manage the health of your biggest organ. While that may be the case in some arenas of skin health, there are many more things that can be leveled to simply "Do this" and "Don't do this".

Let's talk about some of those "Do's" and "Don't's" for your skin.

DO - Drink Water

Hydration is an important element for not only your skin, but just your overall health at large! But amidst that, there is no question that your skin CRAVES water, and it's vital that you satisfy that craving. When you go without water, you become dehydrated, and that dehydration leads to dryness of the skin. Dry skin leads to a whole additional slew of issues, from overproduction of moisture causing acne, to cracked skin, and more!  So do your skin one simple favor for starters, drink more water!

DON'T—Overdo it on the Coffee

Day-to-day life can, without a doubt, get CRAZY! Between the hustle and the bustle of all that takes place in a 24-hour span, it's no wonder we turn to that beloved brewed best friend of ours so often, COFFEE! However, while this magical wonder serum may help us get through the trials of the day, it's certainly not doing our skin any favors. As mentioned in the previous point, our skin needs hydration to stay healthy. One thing to bear in mind with coffee is the fact that, as a liquid composed with water, it can still prove to be hydrating, so we're not denying that. However, the caffeine present within the drink acts as a diuretic which sucks water from the body, negating any positive effects of the water in your coffee. By keeping your use of this liquid tool moderated, your skin should be in good shape.

DO - Apply SPF

As we mentioned earlier, your skin is tough! But, do you know what's tougher? That big burning ball of gas up in the sky, yeah, that thing's got all of our skin beat for sure. Bearing this in mind, it's crucial that you look out for your skin and don't allow the harmful rays of the sun to cause any damage. Utilizing skincare products with SPF included will leave your skin thanking you for providing it the protection it desperately needs.

DON'T - Sunbathe

As a supplemental note to the aforementioned point, we present to you our next "DON'T". Sunbathing, the intentional act of sitting out in the sun habitually, absorbing tons and tons of rays that lay down a serious wallop on your skin. Not necessarily the best practice to have in place. This goes without saying that if you're at the beach enjoying a day with the family or out and about on a sunny day and you happen to catch a little sun, that's okay, and if intermittent will unlikely cause skin issues. Enjoy those days and the sun, just don't consistently, and for long periods of time, subject yourself to the sun and all of the damage it could reap on your skin.

DO - Use Nighttime Lotion for your Face

Ideally, about 1/3 or our lifetime is comprised of time spent sleeping. During this time, your body is at rest, but more importantly, your body is making the active efforts, even in your resting state, to restore, reinvigorate, and rejuvenate all of its systems and components. Your skin regeneration certainly falls under this category. However, your skin can only do so much in building itself back up from the beating that it took from the elements during the day, so any assistance it can take during this time, it will accept!

Furthermore, you may not be aware, but you sweat a ton when you're asleep. Sweating not only leads to lessening of fluids in the body, but also secretes sodium onto the skin, which dries it out. As we've discussed, your skin isn't too fond of dryness. For this reason, using a moisturizing lotion before bed will combat this issue and keep your skin in good, comfortable shape throughout the night.

DON'T - Sleep with Makeup on

We get it, at the end of some days, all you want to do is crawl into bed, and the last thing you want to do is tend to your nightly regimen. Still, you should maintain a good habit of not having makeup on when you go to bed. As you sleep and sweat, your pores can become clogged with bacteria, and this could result in acne or other skin issues. Leave the makeup for the daytime or night out, but ditch it come time to hit the hay.


To conclude, your skin, while tough and able to handle the elements, would still like to make a couple requests of you. While there are a number of good guidelines to follow for your skin, this will serve as just a couple quick tips to take into consideration. For more information on skincare and the products to make your skin SING, trust Derma-Nu with all your skin care and product needs!