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Your body is your beautiful machine that helps propel you through each and every day of your life! You take special care to ensure that nothing gets into that machine that could compromise it running at its absolute best… but do you always apply that same thought to what you apply on the outside of your body? Your face, body, skin? Take precautions to ensure the best care of your skin!

The best way to achieve this is to be selective of your skin and hair care. Look for products that are not packed with foreign, potentially harmful chemicals, and instead, boost your body with elements that will uplift and revitalize it! What you want to look for are naturally occurs materials and ingredients, and more, ones that have been scientifically shown to bring about benefits to your skin as opposed to potential strain, irritation, or otherwise.

So what are some of these natural, scientifically tested elements in particular? Let's talk about some of the most trusted ingredients in skincare!

Aloe Vera:

Let's put it this way, Aloe Vera is to skincare what Meryl Streep is too acting; Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and everyone expects it to provide a knock-out job in terms of performance! For many reasons, Aloe Vera is a great product for health, and skin care is certainly no exception. This miracle remedy treats skin care issues that you'll face throughout your entire life.

From your first time to the beach as a kid, and your subsequent first sunburn, all the way to the treatment of wrinkles as you enter into your mature, golden years, Aloe Vera was, is, and will be a handy skincare tool you can trust for countless inevitable skin matters!

Rose Water:

Rose Water not only sounds lovely, it also provides results that will feel just as lovely, if not more so! Rosy cheeks don't stand a chance against Rose Water, as this remedy serves as a natural combatant against some more common skin afflictions, inflammation, and acne to name a couple.

Consider this fact as well, your skin covers the entire exterior of your body, and while your skin is meant to be beautiful, that doesn't mean it isn't prone to a beating from the elements. You'll want to ensure that you have healing measures in place to fight against the inevitable cuts, scrapes, and scars that could come your way. Rose Water will absolutely help with that as well!


You may not have heard of this one before, especially leveled up against the aforementioned Aloe Vera and Rose Water. But that doesn't discount its benefits for your skin! Recalling how Peptides will benefit your skin is simple, just think 'Peptides give PEP to your skin'. We say this because these are going to be a good friend of yours for fighting signs of unnatural, early aging. Collagen in your skin is what keeps it nice and full, and wrinkles occur as this collagen breaks down over time. So what we have to say is keep that PEP in your skin's step, with the help of Peptides!


Sure, this one may look the most scientific and confusing of all the ingredients mentioned thus far, but this one can be a real lifesaver… For real! Your skin will encounter many afflictions of varying securities, but one of the more concerning skin matters is that of skin cancer. With respect to this harmful disease, CoQ10 has been shown in studies to aid in prevention of different cancers, including that of the skin.

Looking at it from a more microscopic perspective, here's how it works. On the cellular level, CoQ10 promotes sustainability in your skin cells. What this means is they will not break down or become damaged as easily. And furthermore, what this means is that they will not have their walls of defense brought down to a point where cancers can creep in as easily as they would have in the absence of CoQ10. Look to this ingredient for optimal skin safety!

Hyaluronic Acid:

A lot of remedies are fairly specialized, proving extremely powerful and beneficial within certain arenas of skin. Others prove to span the vast spectrum of skincare. Hyaluronic Acid is one of those Jacks of all trades! Where do we begin in terms of the benefits?… Hydration, skin tightness, reduced wrinkles, skin cell regeneration, suppleness, healing, dryness relief, irritation relief just to name a few… Shall we go on?

If you're looking for products that will cover the full gamut of skincare, Hyaluronic Acid is definitely something to look out for on the label of your skincare bottles.


In conclusion, your skin is important, and you want to ensure that you take care of it with natural, scientifically proven ingredients that will supplement its wellbeing. While there are many remedies to look out for, these are a few great options to look to right off the bat as you begin your quest for optimized skincare. And to find products with these great ingredients and more, look no further than Derma-Nu skin products.