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Causes for Aging Signs on Skin

It's kind of a given, but you know what? Your skin is with you for LIFE!
You will be rocking that lovely outer shell of yours from the day you're born all the way to your last breath.

We'll grow old in our skin… but that doesn't necessarily mean that it has to show.

Signs of aging are one thing that you may, to some varying degree, notice as time passes by.
But by being cognizant of the things that can accelerate the aging process, you could seriously stop those signs in their tracks!

So what are indicators and causes of aging?
Let's dive into that!


Okay, okay, we know, this is a no-brainer, but it's still an important thing to keep in mind. The reasons for this are twofold.

First, as time continues to pass, you can come to expect that crows feet, wrinkles, and other signs may arise at some point. This means you have ample time to prepare by taking good care of your skin and considering your approach to the upcoming aging factors that will be expressed in this blog.

Second, it allows you to feel comfortable in your skin as you age. It's a part of getting older. And while you'll want to take measures to keep it in check, whatever you can't control, embrace! Because you're beautiful like that!


Think about it this way, what you put into your body will reflect the way your body looks on the outside. For that reason, diet is a major component that comes into play when you're thinking about the matter of your aging skin.

Consider what you're eating day to day. Is it clean, nutritious, and will it aid your pursuit of not just resilient skin, but resilient skin that spans the test of time? Or is it a possible culprit to your youthful look's early departure?

However, life is still to be enjoyed! So grab that ice cream cone with your kids or grandkids here and there amidst the good overall diet! It'll be okay as long as you maintain good health for your skin.


With regard to skincare, we have all experienced the dreaded pimple after a chaotic workday. Or the blemish as we nervously prepare to meet new people for the first time. Needless to say, stress plays a role in the look of our skin.

Not only does stress apply to acne or otherwise appearing on your face and body, but it also expedites the epidermal aging process. Baggy eyes and loss of hue are just a couple of the results you can see from unmanaged stress. Do your skin a favor and don't let stress get the best of it!

The way we look at it, you want to age gracefully, not in the raging uproar of stress and overwhelm.


If you didn't know already, the natural elements that surround you every single day, yep, they too play a massive role in your skin's health throughout your life.

The sun, although fun to soak in on a warm Summer day, could pack a serious wallop later on if not careful! Wrinkles, sagging skin, and a leathery texture can stem from extended, unprotected sun exposure.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from this flaming ball of heat is another aging culprit, the cold weather! When the low temps come our way, so to do our cracked hands, nipped nose, and overall chapped, dry, and itchy feeling, which all contribute early signs of aging. Take precaution when bearing the cold to help prevent any skin damage as a result.


Alcohol and Smoking

Bet you all didn't see these coming!

Drinking alcohol in moderation will most likely cause your skin no early aging, so don't worry, that Friday night glass of red wine is not off limits! But to drink in excess can do damage to your skin that could result in you looking much older than you actually are, and while that may have a positive, 'all grown-up' connotation in your youth, it doesn't seem quite so complimentary as time goes on.

Smoking in no way shape or form will flatter your outer appearance. Aside from rough, wrinkled, and leathery skin, your nails, teeth, and eyes will be rendered in a state well beyond your years. Keep that young vibrancy while you can without this habit.

Excessive Face-Touching

Our hands do a lot. And they touch a lot! Meaning that they pick up dirt, debris, oils, and more as you go about your day. The more you touch your face after having come in contact with these things, the more it can slowly bring on wear and signs of aging. So be mindful with your face-touching.

Not Implementing Combative Remedies

While the goal early on might not be to prevent aging, no age is too young to practice good habits with regard to your skin. The earlier you start implementing good skincare methods, the better your skin will age. And heck, even if you've already suffered from some skin damage, it's still not too late to bring your skin back to life.

A great way to achieve this is with a skincare products and regimens. Our Advanced Anti Aging Bundle  provides an all-inclusive approach to taking the best care of your skin possible to combat early signs of aging, and future you will thank you for it.


In conclusion, your skin will age. You will get signs of maturity, experience, and a life well lived in the form of your skin's evolution. While the evolving process is a beautiful one, don't accept harsh, unhealthy aging all the while. Stay mindful of these culprits and look to experts at Derma-Nu to help you maintain that youthful glow, even as it endures each passing year.