11 Easy Tips for Winter Skincare

Posted on 27 November 2015

11 Easy Tips for Winter Skincare

1. Don’t crank up the heat - raising the thermostat indoors dries the air & skin out even more.
2. Start using your humidifier - set humidity level between 45% and 55% to infuse the air with enough moisture for your skin.
3. Take quick warm (not hot!) showers - A long hot shower may feel heavenly on cold mornings, but it strips out the water and natural oils in your skin, thus drying it out.
4. Don’t use harsh soap
5. Use a multitasking moisturizer.
6. Give your hands extra TLC.
7. Soften your soles - look for a thicker cream to penetrate rough, dry skin on feet.
8. Ease up on facial exfoliating
9. Always go fragrance-free dye-free options
10. Wear soft clothing
11. Eat the harvest. The best high-antioxidant fruits & vegetables are in their peak season right now.

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